The Order: 1886 To Be Released This Fall According To Ready At Dawn Co-Founder

Posted 2014/01/02 by Christopher Bowen in Gaming

The Order: 1886 to be released this fall according to ready at dawn co-founder

Are you ready to protect the world this Fall? It seems that Ready At Dawn Co-founder Andrea Pessino, and Director Tim Moss of Sony Santa Monica – Have leaked the time frame of when Ready At Dawn’s new PlayStation 4 exclusive IP – The Order: 1886 – will be released through a conversation via twitter. The tweets have been deleted from both accounts, but CVG has managed to get a hold of the tweets and have leaked the missing conversation. Check it out below. 

The order: 1886 to be released this fall

The order: 1886 to be released this fall

Could they be trolling us, or have these two unintentionally released some giant news about the PlayStation 4 exclusive? Take this with a grain of salt, but remember this – the tweets have been deleted. You decide if this is true or not. We’ll be delivering more news about Ready At Dawn’s PlayStation 4 exclusive as it rolls in so stay tuned right here!

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