The Ultimate Pocket Mortys Guide


We know many of you are excited to set off on your journey to become a Mortymon master! I have currently completed my Ultimate Pocket Mortys Guide and I hope that it will help you out during any times of trouble you may experience in the Pocket Mortys universe. 

So you want to be the very best, like no one ever was?

IMG_0106 IMG_0107

That’s good because if you follow this guide you will be a Pocket Mortys master in no time!

Let’s start with the basics!


Pocket Morty battles are fairly simple, and if you’ve ever played a Pokemon game, no explanation is really needed. Just like in Pokemon, certain Mortys are significantly stronger than others. The only difference is that in the Pocket Mortys world there is a Rock-Paper-Scissors battle system.


In the Pocket Mortys battle shot you can clearly see that Greaser Morty is a level stronger than my Off The Grid Morty. Unfortunately for this Greaser Morty, Off The Grid Morty is a “Paper-type” Morty and has a higher advantage at winning battles against “Rock-type” Mortys. You can tell a Morty’s battle type by looking at the icon next to your Morty’s name. As you level up your Mortys you will unlock new attacks that relate to your Morty’s battle type, thus giving you an even greater advantage in future battles.

One thing that takes some getting used to are recognizing the battle types of Mortys. You will be notified in advance about which Morty is coming out to battle after defeating the previous Morty. In the early stages of battles you will more than likely not know which battle type is coming out until you actually see the Morty; this may put you at a disadvantage sometimes. Thankfully I have seen and captured pretty much every single Morty in Pocket Mortys, and I will show you every one of them with their battle type further along in this guide.

During wild Morty battles you may want to catch a Morty instead of knocking it out. You can collect, buy, or craft Morty Manipulator Chips and use these bad boys to catch some Mortys!

Morty Manipulator Chip

Mortys are a guaranteed catch when their health status is in the red. There is also a very high catch rate if a Morty’s health status is yellow, but occasionally a chip will blow up and you will have to weaken a Morty further in order to catch it. While catching Mortys is fun, you should not focus on looking for all of the Mortys until you have taken out all 6 members of the Council of Ricks.

If you really want an advantage during trainer and Rick battles, then you should catch multiple Mortys of the same type early on in the game. Certain Mortys can be combined in the Daycare center located in the Citadel of Ricks. Combining certain Mortys will evolve a Morty and drastically beef up his power level. If you do this from the beginning of the game it will give you a very great advantage during important battles.

Pocket Mortys Dimension Icons

You will notice 3 icons in the upper left corner of the screen. The first icon is a loot box (more on this later on in the guide). The second icon is an exclamation point that represents every single trainer battle in that dimension. The final icon is a badge that represents the Rick battle of that dimension. Completing all of these minor dimension objectives is not required and you do not earn anything special for doing so.

There will be a lot of battles. Unlike Pokemon, there is badge to collect every single time you transport your Rick and Mortys to another dimension. I believe that each dimension is randomly generated each time you step through the portal, so you never know which wild Mortys, trainers, or Ricks you will be facing. If you want to avoid battling the Council of Ricks until you are very strong then I suggest you earn at, or over 50 badges. Collecting over 50 badges will give you a great advantage over the Council of Ricks. If you want a longer experience with the game then you can avoid my strategy and battle each council member Rick when prompted to do so.

Pocket Mortys badges

Badges are earned by defeating Ricks located on the platform in each dimension. Sometimes you can immediately walk up to a Rick, beat his Mortys, and quickly walk away with a badge. Unfortunately you will not always be able to simply head towards a Rick without facing other trainers in battle. The downside of facing trainers before fighting the Rick of whatever dimension you are transported to is that your Mortys will get super weak and there are no healing stations available outside of the Citadel of Ricks. The best thing to do is to avoid any trainer battles that you can find a way around. This will save you your time, health, and items.

Speaking of items. There are plenty of items that will restore your HP, AP. There are also items that can revive a dazed Morty, increase a Morty’s stats or level, and even knock a Morty out in one blow!

Mr. Meeseeks Pocket Mortys

Most of these items can be bought from Salesman Rick’s Store located in the Citadel of Ricks or menu pad.

Pocket Mortys items Pocket Mortys Items Pocket Mortys items

As you can see I’m balling with Schmeckles, but for you it will be a while before you’re making it rain Schmeckles. As you progress further in the game you’ll earn way more Schmeckles in battle. There is an option to watch an ad that will reward you only 30 Schmeckles, but I suggest you avoid wasting your time doing this. There are far more efficient ways to earn Schmeckles in the game.

Pocket Mortys Schmeckles

Another way to quickly garner items is to find the loot box in each dimension you visit. Just like battling Ricks, loot boxes can either be easy to obtain quickly, or a pain in the ass to reach. Loot boxes always contain Schmeckles, craft items, and basic items. On very rare occasions you may also receive a coupon that can be used at Blips and Chitz!

Blips and Chitz coupon Pocket Mortys

I’ve come across about 15 Blips and Chitz coupons my entire time playing. They are very hard to come across in loot boxes, but winning special battles and completing a special quest will also earn you a few of these sacred coupons. A Blips and Chitz coupon will give you access to a Blips and Chitz vending machine and give you an opportunity to get some really special items as well as a random Morty. I’ve gotten some pretty high level Mortys from Blips and Chitz and this is definitely the Pocket Mortys’ “Pay to win fast” feature.

What do you mean by that?

Oh yes, silly me, I forgot to mention that you can buy Blips and Chitz coupons. 1 coupon currently cost $0.99 while a 40 coupon bundle cost $19.99.

Just buy using the machine with the free tickets, I have captured almost all the Mortys and beaten all the members of the Council of Ricks. Just imagine what would happen if you bought a bundle of tickets. You will probably wind up beating everything the game has to offer in a very short amount of time!

Do not get me wrong! The Blips and Chitz option doesn’t take anything away from the full game and is not necessary to complete the game!


Now if you are one of those people that likes to figure things out on your own, then I would suggest skipping past this portion of the guide. If you find yourself struggling to figure out how to craft certain items, then you have come to the right place.

You will face many many battles, so it is important to be prepared. In every dimension you will see a multitude of items scattered all over the place and most of them will prove to be extremely useful in battle. Pocket Mortys features a crafting station that can be found in the Citadel of Ricks or located in random dimensions.

Crafting items in Pocket Mortys is a game within itself. I believe there is one hint in the game that crafts a basic health serum, but the rest are up to you to figure out. If you’re struggling to figure out a certain recipe then do not fret, I spent a ton of time trying to figure out the recipes for all 30 items so you don’t have to! 


You will stumble across random RicksJerrys, and trainers in the Citadel of Ricks that ask you to create certain things for them. There are a total of 19 quests (that I know of) and by completing each quest you will be rewarded handsomely.


A pre-reveal already showing the first 72 Mortys is currently floating around, but that is not the full list of Mortys available to catch. There is currently a grand total of 82 Mortys to collect in Pocket Mortys! Feel free to take a gander at all of them right here!

The list has been updated and there are now 101 Mortys to catch now with more being added soon!

So many Mortys so little time. Once completing the game you will be given a cool wardrobe change and one very important item… Rick’s portal gun! With Rick’s portal gun you will be able to leave dimensions without battling Ricks. This is a very useful tool because it allows you to search for Mortys missing from your collection much faster. Simply hop into a random dimension, take a quick look around, and warp out immediately if you can’t find the Mortys you’re searching for.

A majority of Mortys can be seen frequently and caught in the wild. I consider Mortys #68 – #79 #83 – #99 to be rare Mortys because none of these pop up as frequently as the others, and can’t be combined to create a different Morty. I also consider Mortys #1 #80 – #82 #100-#101 to be super rare because these Mortys can not be caught.

You can get two of the super rare Mortys out of the way pretty quickly if you know what you’re doing. One of the earlier quest rewards you receive is Egg Morty. Egg Morty has no physical attacks and can take a while to gain EXP to level up in battle. The quickest way to level up Egg Morty is to use Level Up Mega Seeds. Get your Egg Morty to level 20 and he will evolve into The One True Morty. This will cross two super rare Mortys off your list immediately.

This leaves us with Morty #80. I have been to hundreds of dimensions already and I have not yet come across Mascot Morty. There are a few Plush Suit Mortys located in the Citadel of Ricks that look just like Mascot Morty and can’t be caught. The only one I’ve come across in a fight was during the final boss battle. I’m still not 100% sure how to obtain Mascot Morty, but we’ll delve more into this mystery soon.


  • Craft items as often as you can because you never know when you will need to heal or revive an injured Morty.
  • Don’t forget to heal your Mortys! It’s easy to go in and out of dimensions and forget about the healing center located in the Citadel of Ricks. Healing your Mortys after returning to the citadel will help you conserve your items for when you really need them.

Healing Center Pocket Mortys

  • Avoid unnecessary battles unless you are trying to level up your Mortys. Doing this will help you conserve health and status items for important battles. If you accidentally initiate a battle you don’t want to begin, back out of the game and restart it. You will spawn in the exact spot you were at right before the battle.
  • If you think you might accidentally knock out a Morty you want to catch then run away. The Morty will still be there and he will regain full health. Bring a slightly weaker Morty to use strictly for catching Mortys; doing this will decrease the chances of knocking out a Morty.
  • Don’t waste Meeseeks Boxes! Use them during harder battles for a guaranteed win.
  • The more badges you get from Ricks, the stronger Ricks in other dimensions become. Make sure to level up your Mortys accordingly so you can stay one step above the competition.
  • A Morty’s maximum level is 100, but that doesn’t mean you can’t boost his stats even further. Stock up on Attack, Defense, and Speed Mega Seeds and watch your Morty’s stats rise to insane levels.
  • Rick battles go way past 100 badges. If you find yourself in desperate need of Schmeckles, this is a quick way to come up with some in game currency really fast. I currently receive 1500 Schmeckles per Rick battle!


IMG_0109 IMG_0110 IMG_0111

Once you complete the game you can continue to battle Ricks in an infinite amount of dimensions, but eventually you will have seen or caught all the Mortys and completed every objective the game has to offer.

I have put a very good amount of time into this game and I feel like I’ve completed just about everything this game has to offer… or have I?

There are still a few mysteries that I have to solve with this game.

One mystery is craft item #30. Every Rick and Morty fan will recognize this device immediately and surely chuckle, but here’s the catch. There is no request from anyone in the game for a Roy Virtual Reality Helmet.  I randomly crafted it when trying to figure out all the recipes, but why would I need to craft something that is of no use in game? This could be a clever easter egg, or it could be for something else that I’ve completely missed.

Mystery also continues to shroud the elusive Mascot Morty. The reason I think Mascot Morty is uncatchable is because he is the final character before another uncatchable and he is only seen once in battle the entire game. I can’t seem to find a Mascot Morty in any dimension which leads me to believe one of four things. Mascot Morty is exclusive to the Blips and Chitz machine and can only be obtained at random by using the machine. Mascot Morty is a giveaway that I have yet to receive because I haven’t found the quest to give someone the Roy VR Helmet. Mascot Morty is the evolution of the first Morty and can only be obtained through leveling up. Mascot Morty is out there somewhere and I simply just haven’t been lucky enough to find one.

It appears that my second guess was in fact correct; the Roy VR Helmet and Mascot Morty go hand in hand. To recieve Mascot Morty all you have to do is update your Pocket Mortys game to the current build. When you arrive to the citadel, you will notice that Plush Suit Morty will have a quest notification over his head. Give Plush Suit Morty the Roy VR Helmet and you will finally receive Mascot Morty!

One other thing I noticed is that this game may expand in the future. If you look at the numbers listing all of the Mortys you will notice a 0 digit before any of the double digits. I believe the developers plan to add even more Mortys via updates over time in order to enhance the experience of Pocket Mortys (update this is true more Mortys are a comin’)! I can only hope that Evil Morty makes an appearance! Wait a second… what if Mascot Morty is Evil Morty in disguise? Mother of God!

Evil Morty Pocket Mortys

I will be sure to update this guide once I know more on these subjects.

Well that’s it for my Ultimate Pocket Mortys Guide. If you happen to discover something major I haven’t mentioned in here, then please feel free to comment below. I will be sure to add your input to this guide and give you credit!

Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more updates on Pocket Mortys and check out my official review right here!