The Walking Dead: What Does The Issue 127 Cover Mean For The Series?


Yesterday, the cover for issue #127 of The Walking Dead was revealed. Robert Kirkman is notorious for trolling fans with covers that display false information, or sometimes altered information, like Dale still having both legs in early issues. In interviews, Kirkman said the series was going to change drastically after issue #126, which will be the end of the All Out War arc. After reading some speculation online, I’m going to go ahead and predict that everybody from Rick’s group will die in one final battle, Carl and maybe Michone aside, and they will be forced to join a new group, a la the new people on the cover.

Whether or not Negan survives is to be determined. Maybe the new group’s goal will be to take down Negan, with the help of Dwight still on the inside, if he survives. I’m guessing Rick finally kills Negan, but Dwight comes out from behind and kills Rick, taking control of the Saviors. If I had to make a list of named characters who survive All Out War, it would be Carl, Michone, Andrea, Ezekiel, and Dwight(and maybe Lucille).

No matter what happens, I’m sure these new characters are going to replace the ones bound to die in the issues leading up to #127.

That’s just my prediction, but what is yours? Let me know down below! And stay tuned with Junkie Monkeys for more things The Walking Dead, and especially my review series of the comics, which will start up again this weekend!