‘The Warriors’ Videogame Now on PS4

The Warriors are coming out to play again. The successful videogame adaptation of the 1979 gang film is now available on PlayStation 4.


The Rockstar Games developed title was originally released for PS2 and Xbox in 2005. It is based off of the cult classic gang movie, and is one of the most successful videogame adaptations of any movie.

Instead of just recreating the storyline of the movie in a playable fashion, the videogame serves somewhat as a prequel and focuses mainly on events that occurred prior to the movie.

The videogame also has a very great fighting style as well. It is one of the most acclaimed brawlers.

A re-release of the PS2 version, the PS4 version features 1080p up-rendering, Remote Play, and Trophies according the PlayStation Store description.

The Warriors re-release joins the list of Rockstar developed PS2 games that are now available on PS4. That list includes GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas.