The Wolf of Wall Street Breaks Profanity Record

wolf of wall street f word record

The Wolf of Wall Street is one hell of a movie and it has recently set a new record when it comes to dropping F bombs in a major motion picture.

For starters The Wolf of Wall Street is now the only major motion picture to use the word “Fuck” 506 times. This beats Spike Lee’s 1999 thriller Summer of Sam, which previously held the record with 435 uses of the word. The only movie to use the word “Fuck” more than The Wolf of Wall Street is a documentary which coincidentally is about the word “Fuck” titled… you guessed it, Fuck.

Profanity in major motion pictures has become less of a major deal in the past decade. Sure you might have a few naysayers about constant usage of the word here and there, but it’s not like we’re living in the early 80’s where something of this sort would have been very controversial.

Scorsese is one of the only directors to spawn three films at the top of the most used list for usage of the word “Fuck” in films. If you are curious, the other two films are, Casino with 422 uses of the word, and Goodfellas with 300 uses of the word. Here’s to you Mr. Scorsese for most fucks given in a film, you are truly a master of the word.