The Wolverine Vine Teaser

The Wolverine Vine Teaser The Wolverine Vine Teaser
A new teaser for the upcoming 'The Wolverine' has been released on Vine. Though the first film may not have pleased many fans, this looks like it will do the character and series some Justice…hopefully.

Fans of Wolverine may have noticed a certain Samurai. Yes, the antagonist in this film will be one of the Wolverine's favorite villains, the Silver Samurai. The Silver Samurai is said to be played by Will Yun Lee, voice of Wei Shen from the game Sleeping Dogs. Not much of the film was teased other than a few action scenes and some areas of interest. The film series does seem to look as if it's more sticking to the original story.

Either way I'm excited to see how this film will turn out. A new trailer for The Wolverine will be released on March 27th so you can be sure to see it here when it's released, here on Junkie Monkeys.