This Is What Happens When Pokemon Meets Attack on Titan

Attack on Pokemon Ever wondered what it would look like if Pokemon crossed over with Attack on Titan? Of course you have! Check out these creepy/awesome mashups of these two iconic series. Beth Emery is a pretty talented and creative artist. Miss Emery is responsible for creating the following horrific yet bad ass creations you see below. Fans of Attack on Titan should be able to recognize each one of these scenarios. We’ll post each scenario along with Beth’s artwork.

First off we have the Lickitung version of the leaping titan.

Titan that bites Eren's Leg

Attack on Pokemon Lickitung

Next up we have a Bulbasaur version of the smiling titan.

Smiling Titan Bulbasaur smiling Titan

Next we have Cubone portrayed as an incomplete version of a titan shifter.

Eren Jaeger Titan Attack on Pokemon Cubone

Jigglypuff and Clefairy portray the smiling titan couple while Rattata looks on in fear.

Attack on Titan smiling couple Attack on Pokemon Jigglypuff and Clefairy

Mr. Mime portrays the infamous running titan. *poor Pikachu*

Running titan Mr. Mime attack on titan

 Psyduck munches on a delicious Pidgey in another take on the leaping titan. *still a work in progress*

Eren eaten by Titan Psyduck Attack on Titan Beth has many other work in progress concept pieces as well. The following are just a couple of examples from her Tumblr Sketchbook. tumblr_n2g42dP0vN1tvevbro1_1280 tumblr_n3izuyrMmT1tvevbro1_1280   Make sure to check out more of Beth’s work here and here! Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more Attack on Titan and Pokemon related goodies!