This Rick and Morty Theory Changes Everything

Mr. Poopy Butthole Real

Rick and Morty is without a doubt one of the greatest shows to grace television in the past decade. Every episode of Rick and Morty feels like a brand new adventure, but something bigger has always been brewing in the background.

One of the biggest and heavily debated mindfucks from season 2 of Rick and Morty came in the form of a character named Mr. Poopy Butthole. Mr. Poopy Butthole makes his first appearance in the episode “Total Rickall”; an episode that featured parasitic aliens that could take on the form of anything while tampering with their host’s memory. These parasites wind up causing chaos until Morty discovers a way to destroy the parasites.

As a viewer, we already know which characters are the parasites, and suspect #1 has always been Mr. Poopy Butthole. Towards the end of the episode “Total Rickall”, we see Beth shoot Mr. Poopy Butthole, but to our surprise, Mr. Poopy Butthole turns out to be a real life long friend of the family and isn’t a parasite at all!

This episode has caused a huge debate in the Rick and Morty community and countless theories on Mr. Poopy Butthole. Well the debate should be over because a YouTube user by the name of The Save Point Guild has solved the mystery. Mr. Poopy Butthole is in fact real, and it means that tactical hitman Krombopulos Michael is probably still alive!

What the fuck?

Yeah we know it all sounds nuts, just watch the video below!

You still with us? It’s very hard to deny the evidence presented by TSPG. Every point made in his video makes perfect sense and I don’t know what life is anymore.

Rick and Morty Mr. poopy Butthole

We have been led to believe we’ve been following the same Rick and Morty since the show began, but after seeing this video, I don’t know what to believe anymore. How many times have we strayed away from C-137 Rick during the series? The question is mind numbing and it makes me want to watch both seasons over again just to dig further into this theory.

Let us know your take on the theory below and stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more Rick and Morty.