Tommy #1 Review


Just yesterday I was strolling around the halls of Emerald City Comicon when a certain comic series caught my eye. The cover displayed a maniacal rabbit drowning a Trix-esque looking rabbit in a bowl of fruity goodness. The colorful and disturbing act being depicted on the bootleg Trix box piqued my interest and I immediately felt compelled to see what this comic had to offer.

This review contains minor spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Tommy lives in constant fear due to his pet rabbit Jack. Jack is a sadistic/depraved creature that only wants to cause Tommy and everyone in Tommy’s life harm. No one around Tommy believes that his pet rabbit is committing heinous acts of violence behind their backs. Clearly Tommy must be going mad… or is he?

All I can say after reading the first issue of Tommy is… wow. Tommy #1 in a nutshell is like if Frank The Rabbit (Donnie Darko) and Tyler Durden (Fight Club) had a baby and that baby turned into a psychopathic rabid rabbit!

Tommy is without a doubt one of the worst comics I’ve read in my entire life. Before you think I’m speaking ill about the comic, let me clarify that issue #1 of Tommy is fantastic, but the overall content will make your grandmother turn in her grave!

Tommy bleeds darkness through each marvelous black and white panel. I really appreciate the art direction this series has taken to give readers that good ol’ fashioned ominous feeling. Progressing through each page feels like you’re going deeper and deeper into this demonic rabbit hole with Tommy and the sheer horror you experience once you reach the bottom is powerful.

I’ve seen a lot of messed up shit in my life, but Tommy contains some of the darkest acts I’ve ever seen depicted in comic book form. I’m a big fan of dark humor and Tommy almost feels like a comic book version of Adult Swim’s Mr. Pickles.  I personally enjoyed Tommy #1 and I am eager to pick up some of the other issues available from Creature Entertainment as soon as possible!

If you’re not into dark humor I advise you to stay away from this series, but if you’ve been waiting to bask in a dark gritty series, then Tommy is definitely for you.

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