Tommy #2 Review


The good guys over at Creature Entertainment blessed us with a load of great comics, including Tommy #2. After falling in love with issue #1 of the series I was eager to read the next chapter of this dark and twisted tale. 

This review contains minor spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Tommy’s pet rabbit Jack has now assumed parental duties since Tommy’s mother took a trip to Belize. Tommy begins to resume life as normal, but he suddenly faces a new threat; a idiotic school bully bent on making his life miserable! It looks like Tommy is in for more Hell… that is until his furry demonic caregiver steps up to bat for him!

I really loved the first issue of Tommy because the creators were able to pull me into the deep dark abyss they created almost immediately. While the first issue was highly entertaining, I hoped that after reading issue #2 of Tommy I would not be disappointed; so here’s the verdict…

Tommy #2 is superb!

Once again Tommy has delivered the dark humor I love and expect from a series like this. I applaud the creators of Tommy for not being afraid to shine a light on ongoing issues that many kids still face today. I really appreciate how the creators have crudely painted the actions of neglectful parents, bullies, and even teachers who don’t give a shit. While Tommy can be pretty fucked up, the writer and artist are not scared to shove the harsh reality of just how cruel mankind can be right in your damn face!

Juan Navarro continues to deliver excellence by capturing this dreadful bunch of characters with a variety of grim illustrations. Navarro’s work continues to shine all throughout Tommy #2.

Tommy #2 is even darker than the previous issue. I originally felt like I knew where this series was heading, but there are several defining moments in Tommy #2 that left me with more questions than answers. Just when you think you have everything pegged, writer John Ulloa throws a twist in the mix that is completely unexpected! If you’re strapped in on this chaotic roller coaster ride with me and you haven’t picked up Tommy #2 yet, then you better get yourself prepared because this shit is about to go down!

Tommy continues to reach new heights in the latest issue and I can only imagine what madness will unfold in issue #3! Tommy #2 is well worth your time and I highly recommend you pick it up as soon as it’s available!

Stay with us as we crawl even further down the rabbit hole when Tommy #3 is available!