Top 10 Moments In Anime With The Most “Feels” (PART ONE)

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One thing about anime is that it can make a big ass dude that says he watches Dragon Ball Z all day, every day, cry like a baby just because of how sad some animated shows can be. That takes a lot for an animated show to do. Just look at everything from really good stories, situations that people can relate to,  and the straight up demented/crazy ass things the Japanese think of. 

I love anime as much as the next person. One of the things that makes anime so great is all the crazy emotions it can give you. Watching anime is like riding some kind of emotional roller coaster, from epic moments that make your balls drop, to a death of your favorite character that brings you to tears.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now let’s begin and prepare your feels!


#10. 5 Centimeters Per Second – The Ending


Starting off the count down is a three part anime movie that tells the story between two childhood lovers: Takaki Tono and Akari Shinohara. They befriend each other after Akari transfers to Takaki’s elementary school and learn that they have many of the same interests. From then on out they form a strong bond; however, after graduating elementary school, Akari moves to another part of Japan, which is hours away from Takaki. They try to keep in touch by writing letters to each other on a daily basis, but eventually they begin to drift apart. As Akari moves on with her life and is about to get married, Takaki isn’t able to do the same so easy. He soon suffers a mental breakdown and leaves his job. One day, on a casual walk down the road, Takai and Akari cross paths once again at a train crossing. Takaki realizes that it is Akari, but suddenly the train travels by and waits, hoping she’s waiting for it to pass as well. Once the train is out of the way he sees that Akari is gone so he just smiles and keeps on walking.

This is an amazing film and I fell IN LOVE with it the moment I watched it. Not only that, but the animation in it is fucking incredible and even close to looking damn near realistic. This movie gives off MANY feels that people can relate to (especially me ;~;). It gives a life lesson saying that love isn’t about holding on because that just makes you hurt more as time passes by, but having the strength to let go and being able to move on, no matter how much you don’t want to. Holding on not only causes pain for you, but also to your loved ones and maybe even the person you’re holding on to. They’re the last people you would want witnessing you dragging yourself down. Life is too short to be living in the past and because of that, we have to let go. When the credits start rolling after its sudden end you think “Really?…that’s it??” and it makes you feel pretty damn empty inside. It is so damn depressing, but most definitely worth watching.


#9. Pokemon Ash Releases His Butterfree


Yes, yes, yes. Oh my god YES! What kind of countdown would this be without something from Pokemon? It’s mating season in the land of opportunity that is Pokemon (Wink, wink 😉 when trainers come to a gathering close to the ocean to release their Butterfree to find a mate, but Ash’s Butterfree isn’t having so much luck on finding himself a lady. In the midst of Butterfree showing off to a pretty young looking thang, Team Rocket shows up and captures all of them in a big ass net, making Butterfree determined to rescue his woman. The group finds Team Rocket’s hideout and it all comes down to a good ol’ fashioned Pokemon battle between the two. The gang keeps Team Rocket distracted long enough for Butterfree to release all the captured Pokemon and at the same time impressing his soon to be mate. After Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off yet again, Ash’s Butterfree and his lover are finally able to be together.

Now comes the time for Ash to let him travel across the ocean to make babies with his mate. Ash then starts remembering all the good times he had from when he first caught him as a Caterpie to when it finally evolved to a Butterfree. Before it’s too late for him, Ash finally says his last goodbye and wishes Butterfree the best of luck.

As a Pokemon fanatic nothing hurts more than having to release a Pokemon that you’ve trained since day one. Not only that, but also making it one of your best companions makes the release even harder. Just because friends don’t stay together forever doesn’t mean that said friendship is over. It’s just part of life and helping both sides grow and hoping that one day you’ll see each other again.


#8. DragonBall Z – Vegeta Begs Goku To Kill Frieza


Just like number 8, I just had to put this one in here! Dragan Ball Z has plenty of action in it, actually more than usual. There’s probably some kind of fight and someone turning Super Saiyan in just about every episode. While watching Dragon Ball Z for all the action, it comes with sad moments to balance things out. Yes, Vegeta is one powerful ass Saiyan, but he’s no match for Frieza’s final form. After getting his ass handed to him, Vegeta gets thrown to the side like a rag doll. Just before Frieza decides to finish him, Goku shows up right on time to give Frieza a run for his money. Vegeta then explains to Frieza that Kakarot is no ‘ordinary’ Saiyan and laughs off the pain. This angers Frieza and with one beam through the chest, Vegeta is fatally wounded. In his final moments Vegeta tells Goku that he is playing in the fucked up game that is life and that he needs to forget about his feelings/compassion for life and others, or else it’ll get him killed.

He goes on to tell Goku that Frieza’s the one who destroyed their home planet and how he killed his father even though they did everything all his evil bidding. In the middle of it all Vegeta starts shedding tears, something that you’d never expect from him and asks Goku to defeat Frieza so he doesn’t create another monster. The very same monster that Vegeta himself was turned into.

This by far has to be one of the saddest and worse ass whooping’s that I’ve ever seen in the whole show. After seeing Frieza bring Vegeta down to the lowest he’s ever been, it made me hate Frieza even more and I wanted him dead like no 8 year old ever should. Hell, this even brought me to tears. The moment when Vegeta sees Goku dodge and block every single one of Frieza’s attacks he finally realizes that Kakarot really is more powerful than him and is the only one that can kill Frieza. When you watch this you kind of have a lot more respect for Vegeta, because you see him at his most vulnerable and he even shows you that someone like him actually CAN be vulnerable. He asked Goku to kill Frieza not just for the sake of everyone else, but for him. Even though he didn’t say it he was most likely thinking it.


#7. Fullmetal Alchemist – Nina and Alexander


Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime that has so many deaths in it, but many of them really don’t compare to this one. When Ed and Al are learning about human transmutation, Colonel Mustang refers them to Shou Tucker the sewing life alchemist. Shou Tucker became a State Alchemist because he made a chimera that could talk, but died soon after. Shou Tucker learns about the Elric brothers’ attempt at human transmutation and allows them to stay at his house to study for the State Alchemy Exams. During their stay, Ed and Al spend time with his daughter Nina and family dog Alexander. Ed and Al begin to grow attached to them. Meanwhile, Shou Tucker is stressing about coming up short on this years coming State Alchemist Examination.

Later on Ed and Al go for a visit, but no one answers the door. They wander inside and find Shou Tucker in his lab and see that he’s made another talking chimera. Edward soon realizes that Shou used his own daughter and dog to create something for his state requirements and also realizes that Shou did the same thing before, with his wife. Ed nearly beats him to death and later Shou is arrested for his actions and Nina is taken as well, leaving the two brothers feeling helpless. The Colonel later tells them that Ed needs to toughen up if he wants to make it in the military. Later Shou is killed by a man with an ‘X’ scar on his face for what he’s done and he also kills the ‘chimera’ to take it out of it’s suffering.

This by far has to be one of the cruelest and most inhumane things to happen in the show. Honestly, I think that since the first series makes it a whole lot more focused on personal stories, it makes for a better dramatic story. You can actually get to know Nina and her family’s past and see her bond with the Elric brothers. Just like with Ed and Al you grow attached to the characters, because this story takes up a few episodes, whereas Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood wraps it up in just one.


#6. Mirai Nikki Uryuu Minene’s/Ninth’s Death


Wow!… Mirai Nikki…So many damn deaths in this anime its hard to keep track of all of them. This anime is straight up sick and twisted from the deaths themselves and the characters in the show, some of which really stick out in my mind. It starts off pretty fast with Yukiteru (the main character who takes the role of “First”) and 11 other people; including his psycho bitch stalker Yuno Gasai, being put in a everyone versus everyone to the death type of competition by Dues, the God of time and space. Each of them is given their own cell phone that can predict the future and to win the competition they have to kill each other, or destroy their future diary, which also kills them and they lose. Uryuu Minene, or Ninth, is a bomb terrorist and is also one of the first people Yukki runs into. Uryuu tries to kill Yukki by doing what she does best… just blowing the shit out of his school. In the end Yukki ends up stabbing her left eye out with a dart, but instead of killing her she escapes.

Later on in the series Ninth makes an alliance and starts working with Yukki and Yuno, and even has an interesting relationship with a police officer Nishijima Masumi whom eventually asks her to marry him. She accepts his offer, but he later dies protecting her. Near the end it looks like a showdown between her and Yukki while trying to kill another competitor, but in the process she sees herself done for and decides to let Yukki live so he can win. She then blows herself up, but before her heart stops, she sees her little girl self walking away with her parents who died while visiting the middle east when a religious war broke out and that makes you feel sorry…as...fuuuuuckkk for her. That also, I think, gives her some kind of peace of mind and lets her know she’ll be able to see Nishijima again.

Ninth to me has to be one of the most dynamic characters in the entire series and I soooooooo fell in love with her crazy ass. She was my favorite character and also kind of reminds me of Vegeta a bit. At first she does and kills as she pleases to get what she wants, but later turns good to help others besides herself. She was a character that I really didn’t want to go, but I was happy to see that her final moments were actually good moments for her. I don’t really want to spoil her entire story because anime is really one of those things that I hate ruining for others so… I’ll let you guys finish it off for yourselves. 😉


Do you guys have any animes that you felt were sadder and should have made this countdown? Let us know in the comments below!


If you think your feels were touched in this segment, think again! (Stay tuned for PART TWO!)


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