Top 10 Most Creepy Video Game Characters To Cosplay As (PART TWO)

Posted 2013/11/05 by Adriana Rodríguez in Gaming

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Here we go again people! Part Two of our creepy cosplay countdown! Who will get the number 1 spot you ask? Well we’re about to tell you! Click now to find out!


If you haven’t checked out Part One, I suggest you do so right now! Click this link here for the disgusting shit you love that makes cosplaying so amazing!!!


#5)  Himiko Kiriya  Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse 



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Now if you’re a fan of video games with Japanese girls (Which I know I am ;3), make you shit your pants in front of your friends, and make playing in the dark a nightmare from Satan himself then you’ll love this cosplay from the classic horror series, Fatal Frame. This is probably one of the one of the most darkest and craziest supernatural based games of all time (Next to the Silent Hill games). It’s just you walking around mansions filled haunting spirits that can kill you and the only weapon you have is… a camera. Now this cosplay seems like it takes so much damn detail it’s not even funny, the eyes especially. It looks something along the lines of the fucked up rituals that kill whoever partakes in them, creating the wandering spirit. The cage with metal bars puncturing the woman’s face really makes you wonder what’s going on in the minds of the Japanese and where in the hell do they come up with this gruesome, but very innovative ideas. Ghost’s from Fatal Frame range from young children, decomposed bodies, murdered victims with broken necks, and women with bloody gouged out eye sockets. This is the kind of cosplay that will make you more creeped out than wanting to go up to that person and telling them how much you love their costume.


#4) NemesisResident Evil


Here we have Nemesis, the bioweapon created by the sick bastards at Umbrella Corporation and Jesus fucking Christ does look like the spawn of Satan himself. This cosplay is one of those like Big Daddy that fucks with your mind and makes you wonder how the hell was this person able to do this? I don’t even know where to begin with this, there’s the disgusting ass skin, the peaking out muscles, the stitches that go clear across his face, or his monstrous pearly whites and gums. If I go to a convention and see you cosplayed as Nemesis I will praise the fuck out of you. Don’t even get me started on the costs of this thing, which I’m assuming is up there in the more than a few hundreds range. This cosplay takes true dedication to the Resident Evil franchise and it’s great to see the people who made the game what it is today cosplaying and cosplaying the right way!!!!


#3) ClickersThe Last Of Us 


Clickers…clickers here, clickers there. Clickers everywhere. Every…fucking…where. These sons of bitches right here are the scary ass things that you have to deal with in Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece, The Last Of Us. Due to a fungus outbreak, people are left in a catastrophic world leaving everyone to fend for survival. Clickers are the type of monsters that you don’t want to even think about fucking with. Their sole purpose is to cause destruction and to kill and infect whatever’s near and makes for a dope ass cosplay. It’s creepy, but great. It’s kinda simple, but still makes a long lasting impression. Going as a clicker to any convention would seem like a great experience, just try to be careful with all that fungus shit on your face.


#2) NursesSilent Hill 2


If you love survival horror games that are ACTUALLY scary but haven’t played the Silent Hill series, drop whatever it is that you’re doing and go buy and play it ASAP. This game is among one of the most scariest, creepiest, mind fucking ones of all time. I literally couldn’t play this game for more than 30 minutes before saying “That’s it! Fuck it, I’m done. Can’t do it!” and then passing the controller to one of my older brothers. It’s fucking creepy, it’s gory, it’s complicated as hell, it’s eccentric, it’s supernatural themed story is outlandish as fuck… Moving on to one of the humanoid monsters you come across are Silent Hill nurses. Most of this idea looks pretty easy to do until you get to the face, which I don’t even know where to begin with. The appearance of these scary bitches looks like something beyond what the supernatural is capable of. This cosplay has a very tremendous and spooky feel to it with an overall bad ass look to go with it. That’s why these sexy nurses rank at #2 on our countdown.



#1) Pyramid HeadSilent Hill 2 


(Photo and cosplay by sixfootunder on

Finally, last but not least, we have our friendly neighbor Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Pyramid Head is a violent monster that goes around dragging his Great  Knife around in search for what it is he can to quench his thirst for killing, wears a dirty robe, and has giant pyramid shaped helmet on his head. For some reason you can’t help but let this geometrical combination give you the creeps and his non-responsive actions (like just standing there “staring “you down) make you hesitant on crossing paths with him. He is the last person you want to run into in an apartment. Cosplaying as Pyramid Head seems difficult but sort of easy at the same time and doesn’t have all that much going on all over his body and it’s mainly his head that would be a challenge. All you’d need is bloody clothes wrapped around you, but the giant knife is going to be a wild goose chase to find. His helmet makes this is another cosplay similar to Big Daddy’s that trips me the fuck out on how can someone pull it off so well and so right. The only thing that would have felt right as the #1 slot for this countdown is the executioner himself. He’s also the antagonist for one of the best horror games of all time making this guy’s level of scary go well beyond over 9,000.

So what have we learned from playing these iconic games? #1) Clowns will always be fucking creepy no matter what. #2) It’s easy for sexy to turn into scary (or vise versa). #3) Cosplaying will literally rape your wallet dry. #4) Do not fuck with Pyramid Head…

That’s it for this countdown people. Stay tuned for more gaming countdowns here on Junkie Monkeys!

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