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There is currently tons of buzz surrounding the Atari E.T. game at the moment. Recently Microsoft put an end to a three decade old urban legend by unearthing a massive amount of abandoned copies of E.T the game from a New Mexico landfill. Now that this urban legend has been proven true, we decided to list our top 5 video game urban legends.

#5 Blowing Into a Nintendo Cartridge Fixes the Game

Blowing in a nintendo cartridge

Most of us who have played a Nintendo game have probably at one time blew into a Nintendo cartridge; praying to get excess dust out of the cartridge to get the game working again. For years we gamers continued this ritual of getting dusty NES games to work, not realizing that we were doing more harm than good. It turns out that blowing into a Nintendo cartridge actually damages the game! Every single time a cartridge was blown into, moisture build up would occur along the lining of the cartridge and would cause significant damage over time. Just take a look at the example of moisture abuse in the picture below!

Nintendo Cartridge test

Most people would swear that blowing in the cartridge still made the game work, when the harsh reality is that blowing into a NES cartridge is completely futile.

#4 Final Fantasy VII was Originally Developed for Nintendo 64

Final Fantasy VII N64

Believe it or not, some people actually believe that Squaresoft (Square Enix) were producing Final Fantasy VII for the Nintendo 64. I can also recall hearing a legend that there was an unfinished version of the game actually playable on the N64. Rumors and myths aside, the true reason for people believing this as a fact, is due to misstatements made by a few gaming magazines in the mid 90’s. The fact of the matter is that a tech demo labeled Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game was never confirmed for either the Nintendo 64 or Sony PlayStation and was produced by Squaresoft as a simple technical demo. Unfortunately even when several magazines attempted to recant their claims about a Final Fantasy N64 game, the damage had already been done.

#3 There’s a Lara Croft Nude Code in Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Nude Code

Long before we experienced “Hot Coffee” in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there was another game that supposedly featured nudity if you put in a secret command. That game was Tomb Raider, and supposedly gamers had found a way to strip Lara Croft down to her birthday suit. I can remember hearing this urban legend during usual lunch room talk at school and being upset that I didn’t have a PlayStation to try this secret code out for myself. This urban legend is a popular one, and if you were a heavy gamer back in the day you more than likely heard this one. While this myth was extremely popular and spread everywhere like wildfire, it simply is not true… well inputing a secret code to see Lara Croft’s goodies isn’t true at least.

#2 Sony Implements a Kill Switch in Their Products

Sony Kill Switch


One disturbing Japanese legend is that Sony puts a “kill-switch” or “Sony Timer” in their products. The purpose of this kill-switch is that once a Sony product reaches it’s warranty expiration date, the kill-switch activates and destroys the device. A massive Dell computer recall and early Sony Bravia television issues have ignited further speculation on Sony’s secret kill-switch. More disturbing claims of Sony activating a kill-switch in PlayStation 3 consoles arose after the whole “Jailbreak” debacle. The claims detailed that Sony could disable any PS3 system remotely whenever they felt the need to so. Sony have even commented against the accusations of the legendary kill-switch, but it hasn’t stopped some people from believing this urban legend.

#1 Polybius


Any gamer who calls himself or herself a gamer has heard of this urban tale. If you haven’t, then allow me to take you into this wild and creepy as hell urban legend. In the early 80’s a mysterious arcade machine appeared in several parts of Portland, Oregon. That game was Polybius. Reports claim that players would fight over the game and suffer from horrible side effects like insomnia, amnesia, suicidal thoughts, and more. What makes this tale even more disturbing is that the areas that contained one of these legendary arcade cabinets were frequently visited by men in black to collect data from various players. After some time, the games were removed and all proof of the game’s existence was permanently destroyed. While some people believe that Polybius is a hoax, others believe that there may be some truth to the game’s existence. There are numerous tales and claims of this machine’s existence spread throughout the internet.

That about wraps up our top 5  video game urban legends on Junkie Monkeys. Thank you for reading and let us know which video game urban legends you think should have been on this list in the comments below.


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