Top Ten Moments In Anime With The Most “Feels” (PART TWO)


Here we are yet again fellow monkeys with the second and final portion of our countdown of the animes that made us break down like little girls. So sit back and grab your tissues guys because this part two shows no mercy to your heart strings!


Reminder: There are spoilers included in this countdown


#5. Fullmetal Alchemist Maes Hughes’ Death/Funeral

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What’s sad about Hughe’s death to me is that he’s one of most comedic and light hearted characters in the whole series. His death was probably one of the most unexpected ones among all the animes that I have seen. This leads to his funeral where all his friends, co-workers, and family attend to pay their respects. His wife Gracia and daughter Elicia watch as their loved one is being buried and due to Elicia’s innocence she doesn’t understand death yet so she asks “why are they burying daddy?” This scene automatically sends you to Feel City…and that is a place you do not want to visit.


#4. Dragon Ball ZVegeta’s Final Atonement
We meet Vegeta yet again, only this time it’s further into the series during the Buu saga. After getting badly beaten by Buu, Goten and Trunks try to buy some time by pushing Buu out of their way for a bit while Vegeta recovers. Vegeta chooses to sacrifice himself in order to protect his loved ones and to kill Majin Buu. After finding out from Piccolo that he won’t be meeting Goku in the afterlife he has a “fuck it” moment and accepts everything that will come along with his decision. He then proceeds to blow himself up. Vegeta killing himself was probably one of my very first “What the fuck?” moments as a kid. What happens before Vegeta blows himself up is what really made me tear up, especially when says his final goodbye to Trunks and then hugs him. It’s a really heart felt moment because this was the first time Vegeta truly put others before himself and accepts all the consequences that come with it, which is an entire new side of him that no one had ever seen before. He leaves us with “Trunks, Bulma…I do this for you…and yes, even you…Kakarot…” then blows Buu and himself into nothing.
#3. Clannad: After StoryUshio and Tomoya 

tomoyaUshio.png 2

Here we go. Something from Clannad…and this scene…ohhhh good God this scene. This scene tears, and I mean fucking tears the living shit out of your heart apart, in two, pieces, bits, anything! You name it and you got it. Clannad can make you go from smiling, to bawling like a dog that’s about to get his nuts chopped off within seconds. It takes a sweet and innocent daddy and daughter moment and turns your emotional stability into a train wreck. Everything from the music, to the dialogue hits fucking perfection when it comes to bringing all the “feels” to the yard. I absolutely encourage everyone to watch this show from start to finish. You’ll thank me later, trust me.


#2. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day – The Ending


 AnoHana is an 11 episode short story about 6 friends that have grown apart over the years since the death of their childhood friend Menma. After looking at the very little number of episodes I thought this show wasn’t going to be that sad, but then I remembered that some of the greatest animes don’t have many seasons or episodes, so I decided to give it a shot. That right there was a damn good choice and I finished it within a day because it was that damn great! Anohana has such a truly amazing story that it will really move you. The show captures emotion within the characters extremely well. It deals with realistic situations that most wouldn’t want to deal with and talk about. Even with only 11 episodes, you’ll grow attached to the characters and sympathize with them. It shows you how the loss of a close friend can affect someone and how much trauma it can cause. Near the end I was bawling, horribly…  This anime is one that I really don’t want to spoil so I’ll let you guys see for yourself. 😉

WARNING!!!! Huge Spoiler Alert!!! So watch at your own risk if you haven’t watched Clannad and After Story


#1. Clannad: After Story – Nagisa’s Death 


Last, but definitely not least, we have Nagisa’s death. This was the kind of thing that made you think how sick and fucked up the creators are. Yes, you know from the beginning that she has a very weak health and fragile body so when you know it’s getting closer to the end of her pregnancy you start to get a little worried, but never did I expect a death in this show, let alone hers. The thing that was running through my mind while watching this was “I can’t fucking believe this…they did it…they really fucking did it.” You could practically feel how much pain Tomoya experienced at that moment and the situation even makes him regret ever meeting Nagisa, just so neither one of them had to go through so much suffering. As much as I hate thinking this, Nagisa’s death was something that was needed so Tomoya could realize that he does have something worth having and protecting later on… that something being their daughter Ushio.

That’s the end of our countdown guys and it was an emotional ride from hell remembering and re-watching all these moments. Your can check out part one of this countdown by clicking here.

If you guys want to tell us what your thoughts about the saddest moments in anime let us know in the comments below!!! We’d love to hear it! 🙂