‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Sequel Announced


Ralph will be wrecking heartstrings once again.

Disney has officially confirmed that its animation studios are currently working on next installment to the 2012 animated hit, Wreck-It Ralph.

Returning for the sequel includes the original films director, Rich Moore, and co-writer, Phil Johnston, who will partner together for the second film. Even more fortunate news,  John C. Reilly will be reprising his role as the voice of the lovable bad guy, which already has a scheduled release date of March 9, 2018.

Judging by the concept art for the film, as it is filled with various references to popular sites such as Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia, it seems like Ralph and Vanellope will be making their way into the World Wide Web. Did you enjoy the first film? What are your thoughts on a Wreck-It Ralph sequel taking place online? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and make sure to stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more Disney updates.