Xbox Caught Using PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Gameplay

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It’s been months since Microsoft released this Watch Dogs gameplay on their official Xbox YouTube channel, but thanks to some eagle eyed watchers, it has been revealed that Microsoft used PlayStation 4 footage of the game.

This isn’t a joke, and it’s kind of funny how people are catching on to this now. This news is starting to spread around the net at this moment. Check out the screenshot below courtesy of Munky1349.

Xbox watch ps4


One of the reasons why this is being caught by people now is the fact that you can only see the PlayStation control prompts for a split second. Microsoft may have covered up the symbols by blurring them out. You can see that screenshot below as well.


Xbox PS4 blur

This isn’t the first time something like this happens out of Microsoft’s camp, but considering their rival in the gaming industry, it’s funny to see Microsoft attempt to hide the fact that they used PlayStation footage on their official channel. You can check out the video on the official Xbox YouTube right here.

UPDATE: It has just come to our attention that Microsoft has just recently removed the video.

If you still want solid proof this came from the official Xbox channel you can see this full screenshot taken by Fixn before the video was removed.

Major Nelson, Director of Programming for Xbox, recently stated the following.

Hey – just seeing this now. Good catch! Looks like there was a mix up at Ubisoft when they provided this video. I am told that they are on the case will provide more news on Watch_Dogs at a later date.

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